Faces Of Rajkot – articles #110

*** Faces Of Rajkot *** –
articles #110,
Sanjay Rathod, A Social Media Consultant – Artical By Faces of Rajkot ( Dr. Vimal S. Hemani ) , September 26, 2015
site – http://facesofrajkot.in/110-sanjay-rathod-a-media-consultant

inDaily I land a position offer from MNCs or to proliferate the organizations. For your knowledge, I know almost no English.My life story is embossed frequently on Gujarati daily papers, The Indian Express furthermore on Zee news. I am additionally recompensed by Ex Gujarat CM, Shri Narendra Modi, for my work.
Now you would be eager to know what I have done to snatch every one of these accomplishments.

I am Sanjay Rathod, a painter by profession, from a small town called Visavadar.
I heard about Facebook and started an account some 7 years back. Visited various groups, became member and became inquisitive about how it works and the curiosity made me study everything about it.
I later started a Gujarati group, which had some 30,000 members, but I was not satisfied, as I wanted a global reach. So I started a group called ?I love Facebook? which gained some 3,00,000+ members but later I could manage to get enough members which made my group in top 5 groups in the world.
Meanwhile Ex CM of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi came to know about me. He called me to Gandhinagar, talked to me and provided me a laptop and broadband connection in Visavadar and encouraged me to study more about other social media too. NaMo, later recognized my talent and awarded me for my exemplary contribution to social media from Junagadh district.
I then shifted to Rajkot 4 years back with the idea of converting my hobby to my profession and earn out of it. But it took me almost a year to convince people to utilize my services to become famous on social media. Now, more than 20 major companies are my clients.
I am not here for advertising my accomplishments or acquire reputation, but I want to convey the message to the youth those who spend/waste time on Facebook, Twitter etc. social networks, please do something that may make you feel proud or stand out from the crowd.


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